Fabric-Reinforced Coatings

Fabric-reinforced systems offer a unique approach to roofing solutions. This system combines a seamless acrylic coating with a tough yet flexible embedded fabric. The combination of these materials offers a rugged, yet lightweight membrane that resists splitting and tearing, to ensure minimum leaks.
This solution is perfect for roofs that have a history of tears and breaks. Fabric-reinforced coatings withstand the test of time by eliminating future leaks and offering excellent wind and hail protection.
Keep your building safe from the elements with this easy-to-install system.

Benefits of Fabric-Reinforced Roof

Fabric-reinforced coatings are a popular, affordable way to extend the life of your current roof. Since it can be installed over existing roofing – including EPDM, metal, or concrete – you avoid the added expense of a roof tear-off. 
Fabric-reinforced systems also provide greater energy efficiency and durability, which results in lower energy bills and maintenance costs.
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Featured Project: TrimMaster in Temple, PA

This 40,000 square foot EPDM roof was not in bad shape, however it did have small leaks. The customer also wanted to extend the life of the roof and make it more energy-efficient. After installing our fully fabric-reinforced white coating system, we were able to provide the customer with an 18-year, leak-free warranty.

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